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Welcome on our website,

Welcome in Kraina Zeusa world!

We live in a small village near Warsaw, in a quiet and beautiful place of meadows, rivers and forests in a large area. This allows us and our dogs feel very happy here.

First Bernese Mountain Dog came to us in 2002 and changed our lives so much. And from that moment, our world is painted only in tricolour style: black, brown and white.

Zeus was an extraordinary dog, magic, a dream come true, ideal on fours paws.He was not only a pretty dog of exterior, not only very successful on dog shows but he was above all an amazing dog in every detail. Still alive yet- he became a legend already. He was very unique bernese, really wonderful and exactly from his name we decided give name to our kennel - Z KRAINY ZEUSA ( from LAND OF ZEUS) – in his honor.


On the assumption kennel we not decided at once even though in our lives began to appear more Bernese Mountain Dogs. We wanted to get more knowledge about these breed; their health, needs, nature, exterior and many other things. Living with them at home, spending each day together- we realized the remarkable features of this breed.

Our dogs are members of our family. Every dog is different, every is unique. We live together in our tri-color crazy joy world and we are very happy. Our puppies, all litters and adult dogs live with our family at home of course and spending time with us and our children.

Dog Shows and many victories of our dogs give us big pride but also a lot of fun and joy. We train and handling our dogs personally- taking at this same time a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. We are very proud and happy of many great success our bernese, but most- of the wonderful understanding and cooperation what is between us-humans- and our dogs. In our home Bernese-it’s not only „show dog”, not only beautiful champion and a frequent winner but also a wonderful friend, great family membe and a lovely companion.

For breeding we use only the best health dogs, generations with longevity, pretty exterior, very good bloodlines but also a great of psyche dogs. We do not allow ourselves any derogation from designated by us the same principles and rules. Very carefully we choose the genetic material in all respects. Thanks to this in Kraina Zeusa kennel puppies are born in high quality. Also, for bringing to our kennel future stud males or future breeding females-we are very picky in every way. Our males and females come from the best bloodlines in the world and they are really beautiful and healthy representatives of the breed.


Dogs from our kennel live in different countries on different continents. Many dogs from Kraina Zeusa kennel have really pretty success on dog shows around the world from recognized judges, experts in this breed. But many dogs from our kennel are also working dogs such as in therapy dogs, water rescue, etc., are wonderful family members give a lot of happiness to people every day. And this kind we considered the most important. When our dogs are happy, have wonderful live and are loved by theirs owners- then we feel really true happines and joy.

We invite you to visit our website and get to know our wonderful dogs. Part of news will possibly regularly replenished. Many events in the life of our kennel we also put on Facebook, so welcome HERE also.

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ZEUS .... thank you .... We love you forever ... How wonderful to feel that you're still here .... You have given us the beginning of something wonderful, amazing, magical ... Watch over us ...

Olga and Arthur z Krainy Zeusa (from the Land of Zeus)